Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fall, beautiful fall.

The weather could not be more perfect. A nice cold front moved in a day or so ago and it's crisp and cool. The dogwoods are turning a beautiful red and a host of leaves are weaving a colorful carpet on the grounds. Of course, my honey is at war with the leaves. He has a sweeper that he attaches to the back of his little mini-truck and he is out there sweeping them up almost as fast as they can fall. He says the leaves make the grounds look unkempt. He is right of course, but still, I love seeing them fall from the trees and hearing their rustle under my feet when I walk.

We've started a rose garden. Interestingly enough, Roseland Plantation had nary a rose on the property when we purchased it. Oh, it has a few scant roses in front of the ballroom and even fewer, very sad looking specimens by the Windsor house, but no rose garden. Go figure! We tilled a nice area by the wedding bell out back where the garden will get full sun. This will be phase I of the new rose garden. We dug up and replanted the sad roses by the house to the new location. They had far too much shade by the house and the new location will be much better for them. Then we purchased a variety of new roses from Hand Nursery down the road on Hwy 64 going toward Tyer. Steve talked to Mr. Hand about our project. Mr. Hand said January and February is the best time to plant roses in our area. He also said he'd be happy to help us select roses for our new garden project so we'll have a nice combination of color and aroma. Yea! I'm excited!

We had a lovely afternoon wedding today. Carla Guinn and Larry Montgomery pledge their love for each other in our historic wedding chapel before friends and family. Carla has an aunt who is a professional chef and she catered the event. The photographer was Eric Gilmor and the flowers were by La Te Da florist, both out of Tyler, Texas. The cakes were wonderful but unfortunately I didn't get the name of who made them. If I find out who did the cakes, I'll update this blog accordingly.

It's almost 7 o'clock in the evening and my honey and I are going to eat dinner now. We have almost a full house tonight and an early breakfast in the morning. Being busy is a very good thing!

Blessing in Christ,