Friday, August 29, 2008

Storm a brewing!

Gustav! It's heading toward Louisiana and the storm-battled people of that state know to plan ahead. We have been receiving many, many calls from residents of our neighboring state and from local hotels (that are booked solid) looking for rooms. We have a couple of rooms left. Our prayers are with the people of Louisiana. May God help them through this trial ahead.

Meanwhile, here at the house, we have guests for the weekend. The weather is quite warm and a bit sticky during the day, but it cools off nicely in the evening.

Canton's First Monday is in full swing this weekend. One of our couples were at First Monday earlier in the day and said it was hot, hot, hot! But, they were happy to see many, many vendors out. Being Labor Day weekend, it will be hopping with deals and shopping oppertunities. Yea! What fun! Ya'll come and don't forget to drink lots of water as you walk through miles and miles of great deals!

God bless,


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beautiful Sunday Wedding

We had a beautiful wedding Sunday. Mika Chapman and David McMurray said their vows in front of our historic chapel on a perfectly clear afternoon. No one would have guessed just 24 hours earlier vicious thunderstorms came rolling through east Texas drenching everything for miles around and causing major power outages in Van Zandt county. Thank God they picked Sunday for their wedding date and not Saturday!

Lovely, lovely decorations in front of the chapel and in and around the ballroom. Parents of the bride, Milton and Tina Smith, and two of their very good friends out did themselves for Mika's big day. I could go on and on about the antique wedding toppers on each table, the daisies in their unusual vases, the crystal candle holders on the mantel, etc., etc., but I don't have enough words to describe it all. We took some photos and I'm sure Milton and Tina will send us some as well. Then all we'll have to do is figure out how to put them up on our new web site. :-)

God is good - all the time,


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our new Roseland Plantation site is live!

It's been a lot of work, but it is all worth it. Our new website is up and it is beautiful. Big kudos to the folks at and especially our designer, Jennifer Amos for creating a beautiful, efficient, user friendly site. She listen to our vision and came up with a design that was right-on! We are so pleased. It is night and day compared to our old site.

The on-line reservation system we've chosen for our Bed and Breakfast, looks like a winner too. It is an easy reservation system from the guest's point of view and an easy system to learn from our, the Innkeeper's point of view. There are reports galore available to us that I haven't even begun to explore.

I am so excited! I'll keep you up to date on the impact this new site will make on our business.

God is good - all the time!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Full Week

We are almost to the finish line with our new website. I talked with our web designer today and we're cleaning up the details. God willing, we'll be live with the new site by the end of this week.

Roseland Plantaion is a hopping place this week.
Business Meeting: We had the wonderful pleasure of hosting a Brookshire's business meeting in our ballroom this afternoon. Everything went well for the Brookshire's folks and that makes us very happy.
Bachelor Party: The Clarkston party is gathering at Roseland Plantation this evening enjoying a relaxing dip in the swimming pool. Tomorrow they will be having an all-out bachelor party under the stars and under the carport here. They've rented out all the rooms in the Bed and Breakfast for two nights, so this place is "theirs" for the duration. We think it is very thoughtful of the Clarkstons to make sure their guests have a place to crash after their event without having to drive the long dark roads home.
Afternoon Tea: On Friday we have an afternoon tea scheduled for the volunteers of Pine Cove Christian Camp. We've hosted Pine Cove before and it is such a pleasure to have them here again. What a blessing!
Wedding: An early evening wedding is scheduled for Saturday. It was going to be an outdoor event but with the heat index rising and rising, the bride decided to move it inside our historic chapel. God bless her. Now everyone will be nice and cool in the air conditioned chapel and the groom and his men won't melt in their tuxes.

My honey just came in and told me to sign off or he will pull the plug! :-) Hope the next blog post is sooner than this one.

God bless,