Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baby Brayden's First Party

Yesterday was one of those rare occasions when Roseland Plantation was closed for the day. We had a baby shower for Christina and Dale’s baby, Brayden, in the Ballroom. The Ballroom was decked out with balloons, flowers, diaper wreaths, and a diaper cake. Yes, a cake made out of diapers!

There was lots of good food, drinks, and cake. Guests came from as far away as Houston to enjoy the celebration. It was a terrific, memorable family gathering. Baby Brayden received many wonderful gifts, so it looks like he’s well stocked with the essentials when he arrives. Everyone is waiting eagerly with anticipation for his arrival.

The weather started out rainy, but we saw a rainbow at the end of the party. I’m sure that bodes well for Brayden. Once the children had their fill of food and cake, they headed outdoors to run and play. In the meantime, the adults played games like baby bingo and baby scrabble indoors. One of the most fun games was “wrap the couple in toilet paper.”

I’ve not been to a baby shower before because it used to be mostly a “girls only” event. However, it seems the times they are a-changing because this was a coed event. And the guys actually enjoyed themselves!

God bless,


Thank You, Lord!

Well, the annual financial results are in! Revenues have doubled during the last two years, in spite of the financial turmoil in the world. Furthermore, start of year bookings for 2010 are also up significantly when compared to 2009. So indications are that 2010 will be an even better year financially. But we can’t take credit for this accomplishment, because it’s not our doing. It’s all God’s handiwork. Thank you, Lord! You are always good and faithful!

Now please let me explain: I was an agnostic when Debbie and I met. An agnostic is essentially an atheist with an open mind. I am now a believer in Jesus Christ, thanks to Debbie. But I can clearly recall how God provided even when I didn’t believe in His existence. I remember the days as a consultant, or between jobs. There were times when I didn’t make a penny for over a year! But somehow a contract or an employment opportunity always materialized just as we were about to run out of money. I thought it was luck or coincidence. In retrospect I can see God at work, always providing enough to keep a roof over our heads and keep the family going.

When Debbie and I tackled Roseland, we dedicated it to God’s glory. We knew that startup would be difficult. Little did we understand just how difficult. Obviously we didn’t plan on Debbie’s cancer; nor did we plan on the economic meltdown. But God is always faithful and true. He has not only provided financially, He has sent many wonderful friends with just the right experience and just the right words of comfort to fill our particular need at the time. So I will close this blog with a simple “Praise the Lord!” and “Thank You, Jesus, for all You’ve done not just for us, but for every single person who ever lived.”
God bless,

Friday, January 15, 2010

Farewell, my Angel

This is a very hard blog for me to write, so I will keep it short: Debbie passed away Jan. 5, 2010.

Istvan (her loving husband)

She spent Thanksgiving with the family, then made trips to Houston in November and early December. She was doing great. Then, a few days before Christmas, she started feeling ill. We has to rush her to the Emergency Room. Ironically, we had planned to abandon her chemo regimen because it was more harmful than helpful and wanted to replace with a natural solution that was highly recommended by cancer survivors we met at Roseland. The ingredients arrived the day after Debbie went to ER. But it was too late. She never recovered.

We had a beautiful memorial service for Debbie on Saturday Jan. 9, 2010, in the Hambrick Chapel at Roseland Plantation. It was magnificent service. She preached the Gospel message of salvation unto her last breath. She loves the Lord with all her heart, mind and soul and is joyfully basking in his company as I write this. Her farewell address follows:

Deborah’s Farewell

Do not grieve for me, my dear family!
Do not weep and do not mourn!
For I am finally home, my mission complete.
I rest in the bosom of my beloved Jesus.
I am with my family, Mom, Dad, and Homer.

I have lived 52 years on Earth, amid trials and tribulations.
All those years I longed for peace and joy,
For freedom from liars, thieves, and wicked men.
I have endured insults, abuse, and neglect.
Day and night I cried out to the Lord,“Why must I endure such tribulation?
Rescue me, rescue me, oh Lord, from this pit of terror!”

I have sinned against the Lord my God.
I have transgressed his commands, in spite of my best efforts.
I have cried rivers of tears; I have moaned and groaned in my affliction.
I have studied the Word, prostrated myself, and prayed.
I have fought with unbelievers, with demons, and evil spirits.
I have been wounded and ill; I have been tired, hungry, and in pain.
But you, Lord, are gracious and forgiving to those who confess their sins and
You were there with me and carried me through these terrible years.
You, oh Lord, have been my rock, my strength, and my joy.

I have loved and been loved; but no love compares to the love of Jesus!
Man’s love fades, man’s love demands, man’s love is capricious.
But not Jesus. Not my beloved Jesus. His love is pure.
His love endures forever. His love is without condition, without limit.
His love is unfailing, just, and forgiving of my sins.
His love alone sustained me in my years of darkness.

But now I have returned home, back to my Maker and Lord.
I worship in the joyous company of His saints and Angels.
What a glorious place this is!
There is no darkness, no night, no alarm clock, no labor.
I can paint, dance, and sing – all for the glory of my Lord and King.
I can see, oh yes I can see everything so clearly at last!
Thank God for His mercy, grace, and love.

And, though we be parted for now, dear family and friends, I am not gone.
I am here in heaven, awaiting your arrival soon.
Think of it as a long trip, an extended cruise.
Soon you will be joining me, for our separation is but a mere blink of an eye.
For I see the place He is preparing for you all, and it is beautiful beyond imagination!
And then we shall rejoice, sing, and dance together in His company.
Forever, and ever, and ever.
How glorious will that be?

All these years I have turned my eyes toward the sky, awaiting Jesus’ return
In eager anticipation in majesty, glory and power as it is written.
But He took me home first, and I will return with Him in the Day of the Lord.
Then He shall create a New Earth and a new Jerusalem and reign in peace, health, and prosperity for ever and ever.
Praise God!

So, do not grieve for me, my dear family!
Do not weep and do not mourn!
For I am finally home, my mission complete.
I rest in the bosom of my beloved Jesus.
I walk with the Apostles, the Prophets, the Saints.
The Lord has prepared a place for us all, and it is beautiful beyond imagination.
This is the home I longed for but never had, lo all these years on Earth.
There is no more pain, no more sorrow.
Do not grieve for me, my dear family.
Rejoice. Rejoice in the Lord’s grace, mercy, and love!
REJOICE! Praise God!