Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Aaand, we're off!

IMPORTANT: I'm putting an APB out for two very important items. I saw them here a minute ago, but now they are missing! This is very serious, as I cannot do without them. The items are ... January and February, 2009. If you see them, please return them ASAP!

Whoever said that January and February were "down times" for the Bed and Breakfast and Wedding business was fibbing to me. I don't believe things have let up one little bit since Christmas. Of course, you will tell me it's my own fault, I know you will, because between weddings, bed and breakfast guests, tours, etc., we've been painting the chapel, and the pews, and the ballroom, repaving the walk from the Windsor House to the chapel, landscaping, building an owner's quarters, and an office, and more. Yes, yes, I know much of the busyness was of my own creation, but I still think it was rude of January and February to just up and vanish the way they did!

We're heading into a very busy 2009 and our first spring wedding this weekend. The weather has been unusually warm and our pear trees are blooming already. This will make a lovely backdrop for the wedding. We'll bring out the ferns and other plants that have been in captivity all winter to decorate the facility. I know it will be a beautiful event.

I'm glad our dogwoods haven't bloomed yet. I hope they hold off until later this spring. We have many, many weddings in April and May and the dogwoods are just spectacular when they bloom. The gardens we put in last year are looking very well. We will have roses galore in a month or so.

God is good all the time - all the time, God is good.