Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Teas and Tour

Christmas time! Christmas time! It's Christmas time in Texas!
Decorate the outside! Decorate the inside! It's Christmas time in Texas!
Bake the scones! Brew the tea! It's Christmas time in Texas!
Guests are arriving! Family is coming! It's Christmas time in Texas!
Be of good cheer! Our Redeemer is here! It's Christmas time in Texas!
Christmas time! Christmas time! It's Christmas time in Texas!

Our annual Christmas Afternoon Teas are next week (December 15 - 19) and we are madly decorating our buildings for the events. Lights on the eves and wreaths on the doors outside. Christmas trees, garland, flower arrangements, nativities and poinsettias inside. Granted, there is a fine line between "Oh, how beautiful" and "over the top gaudy!" I believe being selective as to what is put out on display and restraint from putting out absolutely everything is the key to success. If so, we've hit the mark. Everything will be lovely.

Jennifer, Donna and Marta are working, working, working getting ready for the Christmas Afternoon Teas. We have our Christmas linens ready to put out and the Bed and Breakfast house is immaculate - as always.

Our servers for the teas are lined up and they are just as excited about the teas as the guests are! Several of the ladies that serve at our teas have been doing so for years. They enjoy our guests and our guests enjoy them. We are very blessed to have all our ladies, old-timers and new members, as part of the fabric of what makes the tapestry of Roseland Plantation a real ministry of love and service to our guests. Thank you Lord for each and every one of them.

December weddings? Most certainly yes! December is a beautiful time of year to have a wedding in Texas. Besides all the Christmas teas, we have several December weddings going on at Roseland Plantation. A couple of them are going to be big events with 250 or more guests. One will be an Intimate wedding, and another will be the more normal and average size event of 150 guests. All of them will be spectacular! There are few moments in life as beautiful as when a Bride and Groom look into each other's eyes and say their wedding vows to each other. True, it's not uncommon to see women cry at times like this, but I've also seen some big ole rough tough cowboys with tears in their eyes at just such moments - and it make my heart sing!

I pray peace, joy, love, forgiveness, mercy, healing and hope for you (and for me) in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,