Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer is ending and Fall is here.

I guess it's true, as one gets older time seems to go by faster. There must be a formula in physics that can actually prove this phenomena. One of you doctors of physics that happen to be reading this blog, put way all your other less significant work and get right on this won't you? :-) I recently read in several articles that the Speed of Light is slowing down. It's true. It's proven and it's measurable. What it means - no one knows. But every since I found this out I've been telling my husband, "Hey Love, it's 3:00 PM and the Speed of Light is slowing down, we should go take a nap."

Actually, I think we can all agree that time goes by faster when you're busy. Roseland is always busy. We're a seven day a week business and frankly, we could use a few extra hours in the day and another couple of days in the week. The preparation involved for our Bed and Breakfast guests, Wedding Events and Afternoon Teas is a big deal to us because we want every detail to be as perfect as possible. But I must say, it is so cool to see everyone running around, doing their job, and seeing everything coming together in an extraordinary way. What a team we have here! Whenever there is that rare down time, we all look at each other and say, "It's too quite. What's going on?" Then my husband says, "Enjoy the moment, because it won't last long." Then invariably, the phone line and the fax line rings just as someone walks in the front door! Ahh yes, back to normal. :-)

We've been blessed to host several church/Christian ministry sponsored Afternoon Teas this summer. The next one coming up is by Grace Baptist Church in honor of a Philippine missionary. This is very special to Steve and I as we have been to the Philippines ourselves on a mission trip. This is how it happened - Our church in Denver has a practice of bringing in missionaries once a month to tell the church what they, the missionaries, are doing to reach people for Christ and what we can do as a church to help them. We were always amazed to see what the missionaries had to struggle through to get even the littlest of things accomplished. Most requests were the same, prayer and funds. When Mark and Fredda Alston, missionaries from the Philippines came to speak to us however, their request was a little different. Fredda Said, "Yes, like most of the missionaries you hear, we covet your prayers and we need funds. But we are asking for more, we need you. We need you to come to the Philippines to help us with the training center. We need carpenters, framers, plumbers, and electricians. The work is great and the laborers are few. We need you to come help us." My husband turned to me and whispered, "We should go." I smiled at him and said, "Yes, we should go." My very next thought was, "God, why couldn't these people have been missionaries from France, Italy or Hungary? Why did they have to be from the Philippines of all places?" We stayed with our new Philippine missionary friends for three weeks, ate the local foods, participated in their outreach program, made repairs to one of their training centers, and Debbie even got to speak to a local cancer survivor group. It was an honor to participate for a short time in the work these amazing missionaries do every day. We were blessed far more than we bless them. Isn't that the way it usually works out though?

The fall/winter months are very busy around here - just the way we like it. The Bed and Breakfast, Wedding and Afternoon Tea business is wonderful. We love to meet all the fabulous people that come through our doors. What a blessing - thank you Jesus!

Love, Joy, Peace,